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Lieber Superflavor Freund,

wir sind die, die du nach Rat im Bereich SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurf und Surfen Fragen kannst, wenn die Herstellerwebseite nicht mehr bietet, als das übliche Werbe-Blabla und dein Lokal-Dealer auch keine zufriedenstellenden Anworten auf deine Fragen liefern kann. Unsere Mitarbeiter waren bzw. sind Teamfahrer diverser Surfbrands und haben Wettkampferfahrung auf nationaler wie internationaler Ebene. Unsere direkte Zusammenarbeit mit der Industrie geben uns in viele Bereiche Einblicke, die meistens im Verborgenen bleiben. Diese und unsere eigenen Erfahrungswerte wollen wir gern an dich weitergeben und erstellen so in unsere Redaktion informativen und unterhaltsamen Content für die Bereiche Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf und SUP.

Erreichen kannst du uns über unser Kontaktformular und Telefon +49 (0)30 69 20 74 900

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creamcream.cc – markenmomentum GbR
Geneststraße 5
10829 Berlin

Christian Hahn – SUP/Fashion/Gadgets/Surf
Benno Cremer – Windsurf/Kitesurf/Gadgets
Uwe Schröder – Kitesurf
Corinna Hahn – SUP

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  1. 29. April 2016 at 17:59

    I am Roberto and I am the founder of IDIOT Custom Boards.
    Idiot is a small brand founded in 2014 by young and creative surfers. We are a handcraft atelier for custom surfboards and wave SUPs. All products are handmade and we have just a custom production.

    The difference between Idiot and the other brands is for sure the possibility for a total customization and the unique look with full-board graphics created by artist.
    Idiot is a brand that links art and crafts. Our market is small with no so many boards produced during the year. We are looking more on a design evolution, new concepts and an eccentric style. The basic idea of Idiot is not only to make surfboards, is also to create art and to support young independent and emerging artists. Be a small company permit to create boards with a well-finished and high performance using selected material and specific details for the customer.

    In Idiot we have not just one shaper but a collective of different shapers distributed worldwide and we establish a close collaboration with every single customer. Our boards are produced in Europe, between Spain and Italy. This is the fundamental idea behind Idiot. In the moment where all the brands has a production in Asia, we prefer to discover again the capacity of the innovative individuality close to us and establish again this contact in the construction process with the customer and the shaper. Then, with our unique graphics, we want boards which a person can be identified and that could define their personality.

    Fight for a place in this market is not easy but we want to demonstrate the difference between a custom board and a production board.
    After this small introduction of what Idiot is, I am going straight to the point why I am writing you.

    We are asking for the possibility of a publication in your magazine an article about Idiot. I guess that you have many proposal from different brand to write down a propaganda article but we have many other ways to write a different article as habitual with any other themes. We do not want to talk just about our brand; we want to open a point of discussion. Just for example, the themes that we can treat are:
    – The world of the custom boards;
    – Evolution of modern wave shapes;
    – Production in Europe Vs. Asia;
    – New materials and construction concepts (use of cork and EPS);
    – Unique look boards with graphics;
    – Technic of inlay graphic printing;
    – Artists and Surfers relation;
    – The art in hand shaping;
    – Surf trips in Spain;
    – Dani Vila, our young shaper and surfer;
    – New board brand with a total customization possibility;
    – No more white boards;
    – Photography technique for surfing action;
    – Etc.
    I hope there is in this list something interesting for you and your readers. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any questions concerning Idiot or one of the theme above. I hope that this is a first step for a long collaboration.
    Thank you so much and best regards.

    For more info about Idiot you can check it:

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